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From the moment Dr. Verás started taking care of my health, I felt completely confident that I was in the right hands. She took all my questions and answered each one of them with precision, she had all the attentions for my care; assertive in diagnosis and fast and effective treatment. I noticed an almost immediate improvement, and she explained in detail each of the steps to follow.

Her attentions, quality of care, personal treatment, professionalism, time and dedication have made my experience an extremely satisfactory and pleasant one. I am very happy to have her as my doctor. I feel like a brand new person! This is why I am convinced that I have made the best decision in the world to remain under her care, and also to be able to count on your commitment and work team.


Responsibility, professionalism, and your first-rate attention make the difference.


Thanks for everything.

Denise Scheerer


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